Pico Iyer- The Art of Stillness

“We travel in this world not to move around in it, but to be moved…” – Pico Iyer


Pico Iyer has spent over 30 years travelling the globe observing culture, stillness and movement.  In his 15 minute TED talk he shares profound insight into how both travel, and “going no-where,”  are necessary to fully experience the deliciousness of life.  Iyer reminds us that “It is not merely our experiences that make-up our lives, it’s what we do with them…” and that in order to see the magic in life we must remember always, to “bring the right eyes.”

Iyers talk refreshed my perspective.  In practicing stillness, we can cultivate self-awareness which reveals to us the colorful threads of who we are.  In this bath of color, we begin to adjust the lens with which we see the world.

Resulting in a more vivid and powerful journey as we move through it.


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