A curated collection of the most mindful podcasts today. Handpicked to dive deep. Enjoy short reflections and link to original podcast content.

According to listen notes there are roughly 650,000 podcasts and over 44 Million episodes out there. I narrow the search and share my favorites in a 2-minute read, so that you can connect with podcasts that resonate.

At  mindful podcasts, you will find podcast episodes related to personal development, self-awareness, conscious relationships, growth mindset, mind and body connection, the poetics of life, and the lessons we find in myth, lore and wisdom.  Basically, “All the Feels.” And don’t be afraid the episodes or topics are to “woo-woo,” I named the blog Mindful AF for a reason. ♥

Find an ep, listen in line, listen in traffic, listen on a hike as a walking meditation. Take some time to invest in a deeper connection with the person you’ll be in the longest relationship of your life with-YOURSELF.

I’ve logged more than 3,600 hours of podcast listening to date…

I started listening to podcasts in 2012.  I found myself feeling like I just had a deep conversation. Inspired, I began writing short reflections after listening to particularly moving podcasts that I could “AF” autofocus on.

It was an unexpected awakening. By consciously choosing the kind of “noise” I was exposing myself to, I began healing places inside myself I didn’t even realize were in need of healing.

I created MindfulAF to share the podcasts that changed my life. Podcasts essentially, are free coaching sessions.  Whether you know where you need to do work, or you don’t know where to start, dig in here.

If you’ve got some luggage to drop off, some shadows to take a closer look at, or if you just want to become the best version of yourself, you’re in the right place to find  inspirational and motivational guidance.

This blog is here to help podcasts gain listeners and strengthen the amazing open world of podcasting, and to help listeners learn from the podcasts they love. This collection is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for more content and subscribe.

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* All credit given to original content creators. Reflections are my perspective, and original authors are appropriately quoted.

*Photos used are not under copyright, and photo credit is given when they are.

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