The Wall

Thoughts twisted about in pitch darkness, just under the skin’s surface. Never quite evolving to words, they took shape and became a massive stone wall she could not climb over, dig under, travel around or escape.

There it was, the end again. Whether he wanted it or not and she hated that it always had to be this way.  After all hell broke loose and the goodbyes were said, she would often quietly sit in darkness.

Then one day, as the darkness beckoned her, she did something different. She welcomed the shadows as a familiar acquaintance, after all she knew them well.

Finding herself comfortable, eyes wide open…

She stared into the depth of that blinding blue-burgundy, and all at once there was light.

And so she began to pluck words she never knew existed right from that wall in front of her, stone by stone until it stood no more.

© Mindfulpodcasts, 2018

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